About Dr. Gwyneth Williams

Dr. Gwyneth received her Masters of Divinity in 1989 and Doctorate of Ministry in 1996 both from Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She did her undergraduate work at Indiana State University, Indiana Central College and Martin University.  She received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting, specializing in Non-Profit and For-Profit Accounting.

Her professional experience is vast.  She is co-founder, along with Bishop Otis Clark, of Life Enrichment Ministries Azusa with a Holiness Mission. Dr. Gwyneth’s work experience encompasses major positions pertaining to education, consulting, pastoring and leadership. Her administrative and leadership skills consist of overseeing the organization’s missions, publishing, seminars, training, financial and budget development. She's written numerous grants proposals, polity charts, business plans, evaluations, and organizational assessments.

She held the title of Field Education and Intern Program supervisor where she trained numerous graduate and undergraduate students in the school of business, education, and theology.  She's trained workers for thirty years in the Life Enrichment Missions Training program for overseas internships throughout dozens of nations. She's had the responsibility of educating many students who received training and certification in theology and missions. Training included cultural sensitivity; foreign relations; historical, theological, and practical training; such as training nationals in music, home economics, nursing and hygiene, counseling, communication, drama, adult and youth ministry, and carpentry.

She is a dynamic preacher and evangelist!  The ministry has ordained, and trained over 300 pastors and ministers under Life Enrichment Ministries Azusa with a Holiness Mission. In addition, she lived in England while studying the culture, writing curriculum, and researching for a faith-based ministry. She's authored seven books. Her heart is to see the Power of the Holy Spirit unleashed within the Body of Christ with Signs, wonders, and miracles following; and minister, pastors, and leaders released in their calling as they walk in the Fullness of God. 

Her life mission is to “Bring Light and Life to Businesses, Homes, and Ministries, Coast to Coast and Around the World.” She has done that while traveling to many countries ministering and sharing the love of Jesus Christ.